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Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

Yesterday I had a meeting with an elderly client and her children.  While discussing the mother’s estate plan, we transitioned into a discussion about making sure to let the children know if she has any secret hiding spots or safe deposit boxes which the children may not realize exist.  The mother laughed and said she had a few spots and retold a story of her late husband hiding the key to the gun collection in the mouth of one of his trophy mounts.

The kids were surprised to learn this and thanked me for asking the question otherwise they may not have figured it out.  I advised it was something I commonly did and said those are the issues of the older generation, the issue for this generation are “What’s the password!?!?”.  Lo and behold I went home that evening and this article was fed to me by news app:

Widow Wins Battle with Apple Over Deceased Husband’s Password

Now, it certainly wasn’t a life and death situation, or even trying to get into a bank account to pay bills, but you can see companies may make it very difficult to get access to accounts and from their side of things, can you blame them?  With the increase in cyber-crime and more people using digital accounts, companies must be more vigilant than ever to protect their clients’/customers’ information.

So make sure you have that discussion with your spouse, mom, dad or whomever about these accounts; perhaps advise them to keep a list of passwords (not next to the computer!) in a fire proof safe, just make sure you know if the key is in the mouth of the bear mounted on the wall!