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Construction Law

The attorneys of the Hess Law Group (HLG) have significant experience in this niche area of commercial litigation. HLG represents the entire gamut in the construction industry from the material suppliers and laborers to the builders and contractors through to the waterproofers and land surveyors. Clients can feel confident HLG attorneys know and understand the intricacies and deadlines related to making a claim on a public job with the State or filing a lien for a private job.

What Clients Should Know Regarding Public v. Private Projects
There are significant differences between public and private projects when it comes to collecting unpaid balances. Most business owners and contractors understand if payment is not received on a project they can file a lien on the property; however, often overlooked are the details of what needs to be filed and when it needs to be filed to have a properly filed lien. Further, many more don’t recognize if the project is one where a governmental entity has an interest, such as the Michigan Department of Transportation, a lien cannot be placed on the property; rather, a claim must be made on the performance or payment bond supplied by the principal contractor.

There are many different types of bonds depending on the type of project, each with different notice requirements and limitations, all of which differ significantly from filing a lien on a private job.

This area of the law is strictly enforced by the courts and a failure of a lien or bond claimant to provide accurate information within the statutorily specified timelines may leave the claimant without the most substantial recovery avenue available in construction law.