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Corporate Litigation and Counseling

The attorneys at the Hess Law Group (HLG) have many years of experience, not only in the traditional attorney role in a courtroom, but just as important applying their lessons learned in litigation by counseling clients to more effectively conduct business. Their counseling may involve matters as simple as structuring Buy/Sell Agreements, drafting Purchase Orders and dealing with employee relations by drafting employee handbooks, or as complex as reorganizing the business into several separate legal entities to minimize litigation and/or financial risk or representing the company in front of the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission.

A well known statistic in the legal community indicates only 2% of all civil (non-criminal) litigation ends in trial. The remaining 98% end in some form of settlement. There are two main reasons for this: the first is the cost of litigation, and the second is the certainty of settlement. At trial, whether the decision maker is the jury or a judge, one can never be assured of the outcome no matter how confident one may be of the position. The HLG attorneys have a wealth of courtroom experience and business acumen to recognize how to best handle each situation, whether it is pursuing a claim through trial or weighing the economic or financial exposure against a sure settlement number. The HLG attorneys understand how to facilitate those tough decisions and, if necessary, how to negotiate the best resolution for their clients.